Small Trolley Lifts

Manufactured to machine directive EN81.3 Husbands T800 and T1000 floor loading Trolley Lifts are the solution to enable loads of 150kg-300kg to be moved up to 5 floors either loose or carried on pallet or trolley. Modular construction allows minimum installation time on site and a self supporting steel frame means that the lifts don’t need a load bearing shaft! Lift cars can be manufactured in galvanised or stainless steel and feature hinged landing doors which allow access to the full width of the car whilst a hinged drop-bar secures the car entrance, optional shutter doors, fire rated doors and lattice gates can be supplied.

Ideal in a variety of locations, used for moving heavy bar supplies or food and drinks on trolleys in pubs, hotels and restaurants. Whilst in shops, offices and warehouses Husband’s trolley lifts provide a robust and safe solution for your business to move stock and equipment between floors. Available with single or through entry doors enables flexible solutions and an ideal companion for mezzanine floors. A pit of only 200mm is required on the lower floor, although where this is impracticable we can build and supply a suitable ramp.

(For heavier capacity lifts up to 2000kg see Goods Lifts)

A complete world class service

Moving beyond our manufacturing heritage we have added to the capability of our Midlands factory to become a world class supply base and a major source of all lift packages for the European market. We also provide a design, consultancy and advice service and compressive service and maintenance packages.