Say it With Flowers in Covent Garden

Petersham Nurseries new opening has brought the unique spirit and rare beauty of their original home in Richmond to an impressive Grade11 listed building in the heart of Covent Garden. A lifestyle destination where you can eat, drink and shop includes 2 restaurants. ‘The Gochia’ open for breakfast through to late evening and the fine dining ‘Petersham’, plus a delicatessen which captures the real spirit of an Italian grocery store!
We have been delighted to supply 5 of our unique ‘Double Decker’ lifts to help service and increase efficiency of the restaurants and store. Husbands Double Decker lifts combine a dumbwaiter as an upper car featuring bi-parting shutter doors and a hinged door lower car as a trolley lift suitable for small trolleys or those heavier bar supplies. All lifts were built in stainless steel, featured intercom for communication between floors, and the dumbwaiters included a heated lower tray to ensure food remained at the correct temperature in transit.