Platform and step lifts

Our range of platform lifts are manufactured to enhance passenger movement and provide access solutions around buildings. Ideal for use in the home or in public and commercial buildings platform lifts can be tailored to your own requirements with a variety of sizes and styles.

Superb quality and design includes a reliable and patented screw/nut operating system, our platform lifts are free standing and of modular construction enabling quick and easy installation, minimal footprint and easy maintenance.

Doors can be fitted on up to 3 sides and pit or ramp requirements are as little as 50mm.


The PL500 Platform lift, lifts to enhance any home environment. Designed to meet the requirements of comfort and space whilst providing freedom of movement between floors. Tailored for use as a home lift or in areas of light commercial traffic the option is available to personalise the colour and materials of the walls and floor to match existing décor.

In a range of sizes our smallest platform lift is suitable for 2 people but large enough for wheelchair access whilst larger platforms can carry up to 5 people.


The PL1000 platform lifts are suitable for use in public and commercial buildings and help meet requirements of the Equality Act. The PL1000 in a suitable shaft can be used in both indoor and outdoor locations whilst some larger platforms can include their own internal cabin at a fraction of the cost of conventional passenger lifts.

A variety of platform lift sizes, aluminium or stainless steel finishes and glass or coloured steel cladding are some of the alternatives to choose from and ensure the lift compliments your building design.

Steplift Classic & Executive 1 Metre Lift

Designed for short rise use our steplift is available in 3 models with a range of 1-3 metres, a number of platform sizes and manufactured for both indoor and outdoor use. Requiring little or no builders work the lift can often be installed in a day. Doors can be arranged for through or adjacent use and stylish side panels are available in glass or powder coated aluminium.

Lightweight and elegant the steplift features an integral pump and power unit.

Classic and Executive 1 Metre Steplift
With 3 platform sizes and load capacity of 280kg.
2 models are available.

Our Classic lift is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and available with acrylic or aluminium infill panels. An integral ramp for wheelchair users means no pit is required.

The Executive Steplift is manufactured to complement modern spaces and is suitable for installation with a pit or ramp. The lift is designed to have a minimal footprint and could also be relocated.

Steplift Independence 2-3 metre Lift

Capable of lifting 500kg 2 lifts operate to 2 or 3 metres. Both platform lifts offer 3 platform sizes and modern design features in stainless steel and aluminium.

Automatic gates and auto closers together with an integral ramp are options available.

A complete world class service

Moving beyond our manufacturing heritage we have added to the capability of our Midlands factory to become a world class supply base and a major source of all lift packages for the European market. We also provide a design, consultancy and advice service and compressive service and maintenance packages.