Passenger Lifts

Husbands offer a wide range and style of passenger lifts which can enhance the appearance as well as the function of any building. Designed with safety, quality and style to meet all current UK and European directives and with ease of installation in both new build and existing buildings at the forefront of thinking.

Eco friendly materials and minimal energy usage are combined with the option to choose classic or futuristic interior design, using a combination of materials, colours, accessories and lighting to create a unique cabin space.

Whether for use in residential, commercial, or public buildings our design team are happy to discuss your requirements and suggest the best lift package for your build. Where there is an existing lift we are able to arrange removal and disposal or if possible our engineers can advise on modernisation and refurbishment of an existing lift as an economic alternative.


Built with high quality standards to ensure a smooth safe ride alongside innovative attractive designs and colours.

Tailor made design ensures ease of installation in a variety of public and commercial premises. Customised options and solutions guarantee results for a variety of locations and projects with the help of our design teams.

A complete world class service

Moving beyond our manufacturing heritage we have added to the capability of our Midlands factory to become a world class supply base and a major source of all lift packages for the European market. We also provide a design, consultancy and advice service and compressive service and maintenance packages.