Lift Specifications

Dumbwaiter Lifts

All our dumbwaiter lifts are of traction design and have a self-supporting, welded steel structure which enables fast and flexible nationwide installations. Manufactured at our Halesowen factory to meet all current UK and EU regulations and the Machinery Directive EN31-3. Our modular construction enables our lifts to be fully tested before installation and are fully certified following installation by our own engineers.


  • UK Manufactured
  • Standard and Bespoke sizes available
  • Cars available with single, through or adjacent (side) entrances.
  • Hygenic, Stainless steel finish to lift cars and doors as standard!
  • Efficient low energy, low noise motors. With single or 3 phase option.
  • Bi-parting doors to both car and landing as standard
  • 4 hour fire rated landing doors! Standard!
  • Load capacity option up to 150kg

Options Available.

  • Illuminated Cars
  • Heated Shelf
  • Intercom
  • Additional Safety Gearing (where regulations stipulate)

Specification and Dimensions


Suitable for the safe movement of goods only, either loose or by pallet and trolley. All lifts are loaded at floor level where a pit is available or can be used with a suitable ramp.

Working loads of 100-300kg compliant with EC Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and  EN81-3 Supply of Machinery (safety) Regulations 2008.

Rated Loads of 300-1000kg compliant with EC Machinery Directive 2006/48/EC and EN81-31 Supply of Machinery (safety) Regulations.


  • Galvanised Steel Car.
  • Hinged Galvanised Steel Doors
  • Single or Through Entry
  • Overhead motor with compartment door.
  • Serving up to 6 floors. (15metres)


  • Passenger accompanied lifts
  • Lifts to 2000kg capacity.

Trolley and Service lifts
Goods and Pallet lifts