You Need a Lift?

  • Contact us by telephone or email, or complete our on line enquiry form, (get a budget quote)  explaining type of lift, load requirements, no of floors etc. In response we will email a quotation and general specification sheet, normally on the same day.
  • After our quotation we are happy to discuss your project further confirming specification details, delivery schedules etc. and to answer any queries you may have.
  • Happy to go ahead? Our engineer will visit site to complete a thorough survey, following which our project management team will produce specific drawings and instructions for preparation of the site prior to installation. They will then agree with yourselves a schedule for manufacture and installation.
  • Installation. Time required varies as to the type and size of lift but our own trained engineers can normally install a 2-3 floor service lift or dumbwaiter in 3-4 hours. Platform lifts or heavier capacity goods lifts will take longer.
  • Commissioning. Dumbwaiters and goods lifts have a self-supporting steel tower structure which after installation requires enclosing to cover the machinery and moving parts. This will normally be completed by your builder who will build a shaft or clad the lift by fastening materials to the lift structure. After which our engineers will return to site to commission and CE. Mark the lift as compliant with all current regulations.
  • Cladding,as stated this would normally be carried out by your builder but as a UK manufacturer Husbands are also able to offer an enhanced service to clad lifts using functional galvanised or stainless steel. Alternatively we can offer coloured steels, tinted or coated glass to match modern décor and interior design.
  • Service. All lifts require regular servicing over their lifetime and we have engineers who will provide this service for you. Our lifts are guaranteed for parts and labour for 12 months after installation, we are happy to extend this to 2 years if a service contract is taken out with ourselves.