Heavy Goods and Goods Attendant Lifts

A range of lifts manufactured and installed to move contract loads 300-2000kg up to 5 floors and 12 metres. Heavy duty and robust enough for the toughest workloads, yet flexible construction allowing for incremental increases in car width and depth minimises footprint where space is limited. Self- supporting construction enables quick and simple installation without the need for a separate machine room and with minimum pit requirements although a ramp option is available where a pit is impractical.

Single or through entry lifts are available with options for landing doors including single or double hinged or steel shutter gates. Cabin doors can be sliding lattice or a simple drop bar. Cabin interiors are finished in robust galvanised steel with wall and floor options for specific loads and more decorative features available for goods/attendant or goods/passenger lifts.

Goods lifts are supplied with automatic call and send controls at each landing whilst goods/attendant lifts feature an internal control panel plus all additional safety features associated with the carrying of people.

We offer a wide range goods lifts for commercial and Industrial use and are glad to help with expert advice and support to ensure you have the correct lift for your business. Please contact us if you have a specific load or more specialised requirements.

A complete world class service

Moving beyond our manufacturing heritage we have added to the capability of our Midlands factory to become a world class supply base and a major source of all lift packages for the European market. We also provide a design, consultancy and advice service and compressive service and maintenance packages.