Girl with a Red Beret and Pompom

Husbands lifts are working in many museums and art galleries throughout the country but an installation of 5 dumbwaiters in a night club, with a Picasso is a first! The lifts were installed at Annabel’s, perhaps the worlds most elegant and exclusive members club as part of the recent renovation and extension to the Mayfair premises. Whilst Picasso’s ‘Girl with a Red Beret and Pompom’ adorns the walls of what was in part an old coal cellar the 5 dumbwaiter lifts service the various restaurants, bars and kitchens. Three Husbands 2050 lifts are installed in the refurbished section of the club whilst two larger capacity 2100 are fitted in the next door extended premises. The lifts cover up to five floors and are each fitted with heated trays or heatlamps to keep food at an optimum temperature and also designed to include additional safety gear where use is over occupied lower floors.