Dumbwaiters With Muscles

The humble ‘Dumbwaiter’ has traditionally been used for the transport of food, cutlery and crockery in restaurants and hotels, but it is also a versatile light goods lift and has a variety of uses in vertical transport. Ideal for use in warehouses with a mezzanine floor, offices, retail premises, canteens and even private homes, moving items between 2 or more floors and reducing risks and health and safety issues associated with carrying goods on stairs!

Husbands have recently installed lifts at Diodes Semi-conductors GB, the international electronics company at their factory and offices in Greenock, for Honda Racing in Milton Keynes and at Cambridge University. The lifts can be adapted in size or weight capacity to suit specific loads and variations include small floor loading trolley lifts or a double decker including both a trolley and dumbwaiter lift.