Double Decker Lifts

A lift built out of 50 years experience in design and manufacture
Husband’s Double Decker service lifts are uniquely designed to offer flexibility in a variety of catering and commercial environments.

Our double decker lift features an upper waist high loading dumbwaiter which includes a central shelf and bi-parting landing and car doors whilst below is a trolley lift with fully opening hinged door giving full width access to the car. Two lifts using a single footprint! Ideal when space is limited or side by side lifts are impracticable.

Having a double decker lift enables restaurants to separate food delivery from soiled dishes avoiding any cross contamination. The upper dumb waiter lift can be used for food delivery and also fitted with an optional heated tray to keep dishes warm whilst the lower lift can be used with a suitable trolley to carry cutlery and crockery or those heavier bar supplies. The hinged trolley lift door can also give access to the shaft at the lowest level to enable cleaning of any spillages.

Both lift cars and all doors are manufactured in robust and easy maintenance stainless steel which also gives a hygienic wipe clean finish. Our double decker lifts are available in optional sizes and capacities and can be manufactured with single or through access.

As with our other service lifts the Husbands Double Decker lift is manufactured in the UK, factory tested and of modular construction to allow speedy installation on site. The lift is supplied within its own freestanding structure and therefore a shaft is not required prior to installation, however for ease of installation a lifting eye or beam may be required. After installation the lift structure will need cladding, this is often carried out by your builder although we are able to offer a final cladding in stainless or coloured steel panelling.

At the lowest level to allow wheeled access a pit will be required although if this is impracticable a suitable ramp can be supplied or built.

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A complete world class service

Moving beyond our manufacturing heritage we have added to the capability of our Midlands factory to become a world class supply base and a major source of all lift packages for the European market. We also provide a design, consultancy and advice service and compressive service and maintenance packages.